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Win Top Talent, Retain A-players. Ignite Team Spirit with Gaming.

Embed your values in play, understand your team and candidates better with insightful analytics, and keep your best talent energized and connected, wherever they are.


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Analyze Team Dynamics

Player and team activity is measured in detail during the games and summarized in a one-pager of valuable insights. Chart the growth of your team and employees over multiple sessions.

Facilitated by Game Masters

Customizing and hosting the games, supporting the players and promoting teamwork, the game masters are the social glue during the session

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superglue data


An à la carte offering of serious games, tailored to each organization and team of players

Fully customized for your brand

Extensive in-game customisation helps broadcast your brand, core values and mission statement for onboarding of employees

Win top talent, retain A-players. Ignite team spirit with gaming.

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Company, for your company. Industry leading experts, supporting remote companies.

Experienced in a wide variety of industries, Superglue can help you overcome challenges in employee engagement and remote working, using our specialized team building games to drive positive change

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